Hi. I'm a web developer living in Colorado.

I like making things with words. I'm passionate about art, creativity, the future, and equality. Oh, and comic books. And cats. And lots of awesome things, really.

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About the Author

I received my Web Development Merit Badge from the Full Stack Immersive Program at Galvanize Boulder in July 2016. Additionally, I have a background in theater, education, and English (via a BFA from the University of Northern Colorado). I'm also really good at those claw machines filled with stuffed animals you often find in bowling alleys.

Experience & Training

PathWranglerApril 2017 - Present

Web Developer

Vue.js/Nuxt.js | Sails.js | AngularJS | Google Maps API | GitLab

Built feature-rich UX for an app that allows local and niche experts to create interactive travel guides. Designed and implemented Front End architecture utilizing new frameworks. Contributed to app-wide redesign. Maintained legacy codebase.

FreelanceAugust 2016 - Present

FullStack Web Developer

AngularJS | Ionic | Node.js

Specializing in building Single Page Applications. I work with clients in developing their ideas into actionable projects and prototypes.

GalvanizeFebruary 2016 - July 2016

Student - Full Stack Immersive

AngularJS | jQuery | Node.js/Express.js | postgreSQL | Git/GitHub | Agile Development

Completed intensive and competitive full-time training program. Developed complex projects both independently and in small teams.

Things I've Made


A 'Mad Libs' inspired web application that allows users to smash out randomly generated stories, save them to their profile, and have them read aloud.

AngularJS | Ruby on Rails | Tracery | Token-Based Auth


A music recommendation application that allows logged in users to share tracks from their favorite albums, and vote and leave comments on other users’ recommendations.

AngularJS | postgreSQL | Token-Based Auth


A community-powered map for overlooked points-of-interest, developed with three other student-developers.

jQuery | Google Maps API | OAuth

This Week In Marvel HistoryCode

Browse the vast and interesting publication history of Marvel Comics with this front-end web app that utilizes the Official Marvel Comics API.

jQuery | Marvel Comics API

Let's Chat

You've made it this far; admit it, you're interested. Get in touch with me! I am always open to dicuss opportunities, projects, comic books, and probably other interesting things too.

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